Material Handling

Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC provides design assistance, cost comparisons and several options for wood decking and pallet rack shelving lumber supports.

Cornerstone delivers the warehouse construction materials and the technological advancements the Material Handling & Distribution Centers require, supplying fasteners, flooring panels for steel mezzanines, other materials and industry driven solutions that improve supply chain efficiencies and warehouse logistics.  With a strong network of manufacturers and delivery systems we deliver competitively priced products throughout North America in a timely fashion:

  • warehouse construction materialsCut and drilled lumber
  • Cut to size panels
  • Oversized plywood
  • Slave pallets
  • Industrial particleboard
  • Oriented strand board
  • Fire and pressure treated materials
  • Custom laminates, overlays and coatings
  • Job specific wood products

Slave Pallets for Distribution Centers

As captive pallets, slave pallets typically remain in manufacturers' and distributors' production or distribution center facility for ongoing internal inventory transfers. Repetitive usage requires slave pallets to be designed for life and ease of use. At Cornerstone, we engineer and manufacture slave pallets by reviewing the unique demands of your logistics application. Cornerstone's expertise in structural properties of a wide variety of wood products qualifies us to integrate value driven solutions into your specific types of challenges.

warehouse construction materialsSome of the designs we have incorporated with our customers into slave pallets include:

  • Recessed barcode notches in the edges for easy identification of product.
  • Eased perimeters at top and bottom with 2" radius corners to increase life and minimize handling damages.
  • Economical flexible timber risers that provide a station for slave pallets and
  • Assistance with forklift modifications specific to our slave pallet design.
  • Hand holes for easy manual relocation of slave pallets.

Other Distribution Center Products by Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products:

ResinDek® Mezzanine Floor Panels are engineered and developed for the material handling industry:

  • warehouse construction materialsSupport foot traffic and pallet jack live and dead loads from 2,000 to 4,500 lbs.
  • Superior stain and scratch resistance.
  • Certified electro static discharge control for electrically sensitive environments.
  • Finishes for superior clean-ability and showcase appearance.
  • ResinDek® Fastening Systems
  • ResinDek® top side drill screws are designed to match your floor, drill through wood and steel decking, and install with upright screw guns.

ResinDek Invisi-Loc® underside fastening systems provide smooth mezzanine floors with no visible fasteners. They are dependable, inexpensive and easy to install. Invisi-Loc reduces installation time in drilling and eliminates metal shaving safety concerns.

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