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Making a Difference and Teaching Kids about Engineering, Manufacturing and Marketing

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It's not often that you find an employer that encourages their employees to spend time during normal business hours serving the community, but Greg Doppler, President at Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC® does. Today, nine of Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC® employees dressed up as Superheroes and went to an inner-city school to teach fifty 2nd grade students about Engineering, Manufacturing and Marketing. I was fortunate to be one of the nine that had the opportunity to go.

Our goal was not just to have fun, but incorporate learning into our visit. So we made a lesson plan that included estimations, measurements, mathematics and design. We took in pumpkins, a couple of scales and oodles of decorations. The teacher had the students gather in small groups at tables or on an area rug in front of the pumpkins. The students anxiously awaited for the activities to begin.

We started out by asking the students what they thought the pumpkin weighed and the circumference of the pumpkin. After we weighed and measured the pumpkin, we counted the lines on the pumpkin. Then we asked each student how many seeds they thought were in each pumpkin. One little girl said 40 another said 1,000. It wasn't long before they were up to their elbows digging out the pumpkin seeds and counting them one by one. After they counted the seeds we explained to them the Engineering process and how Engineers use measurements and counting every day at their jobs. We explained that Engineers design things and that they were going to design the way the pumpkin looked. Their eyes widened with anticipation.

Next we told them we were going to start the Manufacturing process by cleaning the pumpkins and then decorating the pumpkins the way the "Engineers" suggested. We used pipe cleaners, markers, stickers, yarn, and pom poms. After they were decorated, some with multiple faces on each side of the pumpkin, we decided it was time to "Market" the pumpkin. So we strategically placed all of the beautifully decorated pumpkins side by side and took pictures so everyone could see our handiwork.

At the end of the day we got lots of hugs, but the best was when a little girl went up to "Wonder Woman" and exclaimed with excitement that someday she was going to be an Engineer because she likes to measure and design things.

At Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC®, we don't just manufacture the leading elevated flooring solution, ResinDek® panels, we help children discover the opportunities that await them through learning and developing skills they'll need for their future. We are grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in a child's life.

Posted on November 3, 2015