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The ResinDek® Performance Advantage

ResinDek Perfomance Advantage Image

Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC® is the only company that focuses 100% on mezzanine floor performance for warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing plants and fulfillment centers. Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products' advance research and engineering facility leads the industry in innovation, panel performance testing, research, quality and field-testing.

With the ResinDek Performance Advantage you are getting the best elevated flooring product available on the market, a value engineered solution and value added services all rolled into one. The RD Performance Advantage includes a team of customer support specialists with degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Industrial Arts and Wood Science Technology. With over 100 collective years of industry experience, we can attest that there is no equal when it comes to ResinDek mezzanine flooring panels.

We not only test our products internally, but we also send our products out to be evaluated by independent laboratories for a wide variety of performance tests. A few of the internal and external tests that we have performed and commissioned include:

  • Pallet jack rolling load tests
  • Uniform loads
  • Belmar scrape for gouge resistance
  • Taber abrasion for wear resistance
  • Screw holding
  • Seismic shear resistance
  • Fire code tests
  • Coefficient of friction
  • NEMA stain resistance
  • Electrostatic dissipative testing
  • Ergonomic performance
  • Environmental sustainability

If you have a custom application that needs to be evaluated, we will work with you to develop a custom test that will re-create your unique conditions. If the application can be proven to meet the rigors of our testing requirements, we will stand behind your unique application with our unmatched 10 year ResinDek warranty.