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ResinDek® vs Concrete

Are You Sure You Need Concrete for Your Industrial Mezzanines?

Did you know that ResinDek engineered flooring panels can provide the strength you associate with a concrete floor and save you tens of thousands of dollars?

Let's do the math:

Deck Surface Savings $1.00
Reduced Steel & Labor Savings $4.15
Favorable Tax Treatment Savings $3.75
Total potential after tax savings by using ResinDek Mezzanine decking instead of a concrete mezzanine floor $8.90/sf.*

*Tax benefits are based upon estimates and the ability to categorize the mezzanine as equipment rather than a part of the building structure. PLEASE consult local building codes and your tax advisor before using any information provided.

Concrete mezzanine flooring or ergonomic mezzanine decking for your business?

Concrete mezzanine floors require massive amounts of extra steel and footings driving up costs.

Tibial shock readings on a ResinDek mezzanine floor

A researcher from The Ohio State University takes tibial shock readings on a ResinDek® mezzanine floor.

ResinDek VS Concrete Chart

ResinDek engineered wood floor is an increasingly effective choice for flooring on elevated work platforms. Selecting ResinDek engineered wood panels instead of concrete saves 30 lbs per square foot of dead load on the structure, which equals 1,500,000 lbs on a 50,000 sqft mezzanine!

Concrete structures need to be considerably more rigid to prevent damage to the concrete decking that comes with flexure. To be free from flexural failure concrete decking must be prevented from deflecting more than L/360, while ResinDek panels are designed for L/240.

As a result of smaller dead loads, and a greater allowable deflection, footing sizes can often be reduced or eliminated, and the required amount of structural steel in the work platform can be reduced by as much as 35%. When footings can be completely eliminated with closer column spacing, a potential tax savings may also be gained. In other words, reduced weight plus increased allowable deflection equals Big Savings!

Besides the savings are you aware the concrete floors increase the risks of:

  • Workplace injuries
  • Insurance claims
  • Higher insurance rates
  • Workforce absenteeism

Walking on concrete flooring is like carrying an extra 12 lbs compared to ResinDek®.

In fact ResinDek is:

  • More comfortable to walk and work on
  • Reduces tibial shock=fewer lost time injuries
  • More resilient work surface than concrete

Two years after the installation or ResinDek at a facility that had concrete we were told that a facility manager told an architect that "ResinDek engineered wood product floor was more ergonomic for our employees, and resulted in far fewer lower back and foot issues than a concrete floor". In addition, "It allowed us LEED Credit opportunities, and resulted in significant savings."

We received the following testimonial from Tim Kelley, Director of Corporate Facilities – Dell Computers.

"ResinDek has a surface that is more ergonomic, cleanable and light reflective than concrete. Our associates are more comfortable working on a ResinDek surface than on a concrete deck. We plan to use ResinDek on all of our future expansions!"