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Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products stands behind ResinDek® flooring projects and purchases with an exclusive 10-Year Product Warranty that is transferrable to the end user.

The 10-year ResinDek® Product Warranty is designed to ensure our customers and end users that they have purchased AUTHENTIC ResinDek® flooring panels and not a generic resin board product. ResinDek® flooring panels are an exclusive patented engineered product that has been tested and proven for long-term performance.

Our commitment of taking care of our customers is core to our product and business. The ResinDek® product Warranty is our way of being there for you, so you can rest assured your mezzanine floor will withstand the loads, traffic and repetitive movement required by your business.

ResinDek® 10-Year Product Warranty Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC™ hereby warrants all of its ResinDek® panels to be free from defect, structurally sound, and able to safely carry specified design loads. At its option, Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products will either replace or make a reasonable allowance for repair to all ResinDek® Panels found to be defective for a period of ten (10) years from date of shipment to the jobsite.

Conditions to this warranty are as follows:

  1. All panels must be installed, used and maintained in accordance with ResinDek® Installation Instructions.
  2. All panels must be properly unloaded, protected and stored prior to their installation. Care must be taken to protect the panels from excessive moisture before, during, and after installation.
  3. ResinDek® LD, SD, MD, HD & ResinDek® Max panels must be installed with only fasteners approved in advance by Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products over the gauge and type of corrugated metal decking for the load on the floor as approved in advance by Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products.
  4. ResinDek® Xspan™ must be supported at intervals approved in advance by Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products with structural supports capable of withstanding loads imposed. Fastener number, pattern and type must be approved in advance by Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products.
  5. Do Not Exceed the (live and dead load) pallet jack loads as follows per specified panel:
    • ResinDek® LD 2,000 lbs. max.
    • ResinDek® SD 2,500 lbs. max.
    • ResinDek® MD 3,500 lbs. max.
    • ResinDek® HD 4,500 lbs. max.
    • ResinDek® MAX 8,000 lbs. max.
    • ResinDek® Xspan® You must not exceed Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products’ recommended loads as stated on Xspan® specifications.
  6. Allowable loads are based on testing conducted by Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products with 36” o.c. spans on ResinDek® LD, SD, MD, HD, & ResinDek®Max. Longer spans may reduce load carrying capacities. Refer to ResinDek® Xspan® literature for allowable point loads, uniform loads, & live and dead pallet jack loads for ResinDek® Xspan®.
  7. Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products must be notified promptly in the event of a problem with any of its materials, and given a minimum of two weeks’ notice to correct the problem on its own, and/or personally visit the site if necessary, prior to any repairs and remedies by others.
  8. There is no warranty coverage for acts of God, exposure to weather, or for impact or concentrated loads.
  9. This warranty will be considered void in the event of prolonged exposure to standing water on the ResinDek® panels.
  10. There is no warranty coverage for acts of negligence by the installer, the customer, or the end user.
  11. This warranty is between CORNERSTONE SPECIALTY WOOD PRODUCTS and its customer. Warranty will flow through and transfers to the end user for the entire period of this warranty.