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The Benefits of Using Custom Slave Pallets in Distribution Centers

Many warehouses and distribution centers invest in innovative industrial flooring options to make their environments more efficient. But did you know that Cornerstone Specialty Wood products, your ResinDek flooring resource, might be able to assist you in other ways, too? For instance, your business could benefit from introducing custom-made slave pallets to make transportation of products easier throughout the building. Let's examine just a few of the ways in which these products can improve your warehouse or distribution center productivity.

Slave pallets are easy to relocate: These products are incredibly easy to use and they're meant to be mobile. Although they do not have wheels (like a dolly does), they can feature hand holes to ensure that relocation isn't a challenge. In addition, because we create these products especially to fit your needs, they can be customized and modified based on your specifications.

Slave pallets make it easy to identify products: Keeping track of warehouse inventory can be challenging enough when everything stays in one place. But when it's being relocated to another position, you may make a costly error that can have a significant impact on your operations. That's why, if required, we've made it so that our slave pallets can contain recessed barcode notches on the edges. These notches can help you to immediately identify a given product and keep track of it, no matter where it ends up in the building. Ultimately, that translates to decreased inventory loss and better communication throughout your organization.

Slave pallets make it easy to minimize damage: Inventory loss can occur when products are misplaced, of course. But it can also happen when valuable items are accidentally damaged during transport. That even applies to the equipment you use to actually transport the inventory in your warehouse. When tools and equipment aren't made to last, that will result in wasted money, lost productivity, and even damage to your inventory as a result of broken or malfunctioning equipment. But because our slave pallets are structurally sound and are designed to withstand a beating, they'll last for far longer than other options on the market. That means you can rely on these products to do the heavy lifting without worrying about any type of damage.

These tools are an economical option for warehouse and distribution transport. And because slave pallets can be custom-made to fit your needs and have a positive impact on efficiency, your business will benefit in numerous ways from their widespread use.

Posted on July 10, 2018