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Dr. Steve Lavender of The Ohio State University Institute for Ergonomics completed a research study to determine if there were quantifiable differences in objective biomechanical measures that could be used to characterize different walking surfaces used in warehouse and distribution centers.

Research Location

Two different distribution centers volunteered use of their facilities and employees. One is a world leader in 3rd party logistics and the other an internationally known apparel retailer. Both locations that volunteered were in the vicinity of Columbus, Ohio, and were over 500,000 in square feet. The ergonomic test data collected at these two locations was conducted on concrete, bar grate and ResinDek flooring surfaces.

Testing Parameters

  • 16 volunteers fitted with Pedometers at two different facilities
  • Ordinary work routine
  • Wore their usual work shoes during the collection process (athletic shoes and work boots primarily)
  • Pedometers collected at the end of an 8-hour shift
  • Using an average of 30" per pace, employees averaged 21,000 steps = 10 miles per day!
  • Measure acceleration of the tibia (i.e. shinbone) as 16 participants walk on concrete, bar grate, and ResinDek surfaces
  • Statistically analyze and compare the tibial acceleration data

Summary of Biomechanical Analysis of Walking on ResinDek and Other Mezzanine Floors

  • Significantly less tibial shock with ResinDek® at work rate walking speed. Work rate walking speed defined as walking 15% faster than an average walking pace.
  • Concrete increased the tibial shock by 7.8% at the work rate walking speed
  • Bar grate work rate walking pace showed an increased tibial shock rate of 10.6%

What Does Walking on Concrete Mezzanines or Bar Grate Mezzanine Floors Really Feel Like?

When you convert the data from tibial shock force to pounds you can easily see and feel the difference when working all day on ResinDek compared to concrete or bar grate.

  • Working on Concrete is Equal to adding 12 lbs. to your body compared to ResinDek.
  • Working on Bar Grate is Equal to adding 18 lbs. to your body compared to ResinDek.


  • ResinDek flooring is more comfortable to walk and work on
  • ResinDek flooring reduced tibial shock resulting in fewer lost time injuries
  • ResinDek flooring is a more resilient work surface than bar grate or concrete

Why would you ever want to add more weight to your employees who are already packing, loading and moving products? Choose ResinDek, industrial anti-fatigue mezzanine flooring for an economical and ergonomic solution to reduce the risk of work injuries, absenteeism and insurance claims while keeping your hardworking employees productive and happy.

  • Ergonomic comparison walking on bar grate

    Ergonomics testing: walking on bar grate and concrete vs. ResinDek

  • Ergonomic comparison walking on ResinDek

    An OSU researcher takes tibial shock readings on ResinDek