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Engineering Services


Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC® makes it easy for you to get accurate drawings and quotes when planning and building your mezzanine, pick module flooring, rack supported mezzanine, or your mezzanine floor for AGVs and AMRs. Our value engineered solutions will save you time and money.

  • From simple layouts to complex drawings, our engineering department can provide detailed CAD drawings that optimize panel utilization.
  • We provide clear communications up front as to what is included, and we will help with phased deliveries.
  • We visit over 60+ jobsite per year and provide onsite consultation, pre-planning, or end of job inspections.

As you move into the installation process additional drawings and instructions are available to assist you with error free installations. Our on-site installation support team is available when required. Whether it is a complex project, inexperienced installers, or you are just new to our products, we want your ResinDek® panels installed correctly and to 100% of your client's satisfaction. If our team of experts cannot answer your installation questions over the phone, then we will come to you – anywhere in the world! When you purchase ResinDek, we are there for you, from project start to completion and beyond with a full 10-year product warranty.