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Mezzanine decking fastening systems.



Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC® provides specifically designed fastening systems to efficiently install ResinDek panels in your facility. With our mezzanine deck fastening system, you can rest assured that you have the proper equipment to incorporate your ResinDek panels into or over top of your current structural deck flooring. Whether you choose to install ResinDek as warehouse flooring, pick module flooring, or pallet rack shelving, please ensure that the proper fastening systems for structural platform decking are used for the highest quality installation that is safe and secure.


ResinDek® top side drill screws are engineered for strength, durability, and easy installation. No countersinking or pre-drilling is required as the wings near the top of the shaft create a counter-bore for screw heads. The number 2 square drive head in conjunction with the drill point easily pierce up to 12-gauge steel decking. The screws are designed to drill through the ResinDek panels and steel decking prior to the threads engaging, thus preventing the panels from lifting.

  • Available in collated strips
  • Stout # 10 wire gauge screw
  • Zinc coating for high humidity environments resists corrosion
  • Your choice of gray or beige drill screws
  • Can be installed with our upright screw gun

Stand-Up Screw Gun

For conventional top side screw installation, use Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC stand-up screwdriver and collated drill screws. Not only will the collated screwdriver save you up to 40% in fastening costs, but it will reduce installation fatigue with its ergonomic design.

In addition, the Stand-Up Screw Gun and Collated Screws offer the following advantages:

  • More consistent screw depth with greater control and settings
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to load screw strips
  • Fast and easy bit tip replacements
  • Requires minimal training
  • Handy carrying case included
  • 1 year warranty from screw gun manufacturer

Collated Screws for Corrugated Metal Deck

B-Deck screws work best in roll form beams and structural steel under 3/16" thick. Valleys less than 2- 1/2" wide may not accommodate the screw gun. Contact Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC® for additional information.


  • The above Fastening Systems are for ResinDek® LD, MD and HD.
  • Additional Fastening Systems are available, please contact Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC® for more information.


Invisi-Loc® provides showcase mezzanine floors with no visible fasteners that are dependable, economical, and easy to install. The Invisi-Loc under deck fastening system mounts fasteners under the mezzanine decking hiding unwanted screw holes on top. Plus, when installed with our pre-punched corrugated metal decking, installation time is reduced, and potentially dangerous metal shavings are eliminated.

  • 20 Invisi-Loc fasteners are required per 4' x 8' sheet. A pneumatic-hydraulic (pneudraulic) installation tool and a standard medium-duty air compressor supplies the required power.
  • Corrugated metal decking is pre-punched and B metal deck is fastened to the bar joists like other steel decking using drilling screws or welding.
  • All pneudraulic installation tools can be rented or purchased from Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC.
  • When installed according to Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC specifications the Invisi-Loc® Underside Fastening System carries a 10-year warranty.
  • Screws for ResinDek Panels Top Side Drill Screws
  • Stand-Up Screw Gun Stand-Up Screw Gun
  • Collated Screws for Stand-Up Screw Gun Collated Screws for Corrugated Metal Deck
  • Invisi-Loc Understand Fastening For ResinDek Panels Invisi-Loc®