ResinDek flooring panels



To maximize the productivity of an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) or automatic guided vehicle (AGV) deployment, it’s critical to create the optimal environment that allows the vehicles to perform at their peak. For that reason, Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC® ( created the TriGard® ESD Ultra finish for its ResinDek® engineered flooring panels. The TriGard ESD Ultra finish is ideal for high-traffic robotic applications characterized by highly repetitive movement patterns and defined travel paths.

This innovative finish provides more than 2X greater wear than the TriGard ESD coating and is engineered for ultra-high repetitive travel patterns and defined travel paths. When required, the TriGard ESD Ultra coating can be modified for increased surface roughness or a higher or lower reflectivity.

TriGard ESD Ultra proprietary coating has been tested in accordance with the following standards:

Dynamic Coefficient of Friction: ASTM A326.3

Test Procedure: Neolite sensor has material that is 95+/-3 Shore A

Results: Average Dry: 0.56 | Average Wet: 0.30

Taber Abrasion: ASTM D4060 (Wear Resistance)

Test Procedure: Grit aluminum oxide sandpaper replaced every 500 cycles with 1 kg of weight

Results: Wear Rating: 13,000 cycles

Gloss, 85 Deg: ASTM D523 (Light Reflectivity)

Test Procedure: Tested with glossmeter geometries of 85°rees;

Results: 7 GRUs



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