ESD flooring industrial solutions


Conductive Flooring System For Your Warehouse Floors, Mezzanines, and Work Platforms

In industries where static buildup can be detrimental and lead to damage of electrically sensitive devices and equipment or cause a potential risk of static shock to employees, ResinDek (ESD) flooring is your best ally.

What is ESD Flooring?

ESD flooring (also known as conductive flooring) greatly reduces the elimination of static buildup and dissipates triboelectric charges. In fact, ESD flooring provides controlled dissipation and grounding of triboelectric charges with direct pathways of statically generated charges. The intentional flow of electrical current and discharge helps to immensely eliminate the potential of accidental electrostatic discharge, which can damage sensitive equipment. ESD limits the discharge to under 50 volts.

ResinDek ESD Flooring Options

At Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, we provide different types of ESD flooring finishes to address different needs.

Gray Diamond Seal® ESD

ResinDek® floor panels with Gray Diamond Seal ESD coating were created for industries that require ESD flooring to protect their sensitive equipment and employees from static shock.

This type of flooring features an electrostatic dissipative finish that facilitates controlled dissipation and grounding of triboelectric charges through direct pathways of statically generated charges. This intentional flow of electrical current and discharge effectively reduces the risk of accidental electrostatic discharge, which can potentially damage sensitive equipment. Moreover, this electrostatic dissipative floor limits the discharge to less than 50 volts, ensuring maximum protection against static buildup.


TriGard® ESD

ResinDek® panels with TriGard® ESD floor coating are an ideal choice for businesses looking for a highly durable and wear-resistant ESD flooring solution for robotic traffic. This flooring coating is the performance engineered solution for autonomous mobile robots (AMR) that use lidar guidance systems or lighter weight automatic guided vehicles (AGV).

The TriGard ESD finish provides a long-lasting, reliable solution that ensures optimal performance and protection against electrostatic discharge, while also reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

TriGard ESD provides 3x greater resistance to wear than Gray Diamond Seal® ESD.


TriGard® ESD Ultra

TriGard® ESD Ultra, our newest ESD floors, is the ideal choice for industries that rely heavily on the deployment of automatic guided vehicles (AGV) that repetitively follow a direct path. These include e-commerce, electronics manufacturing, distribution centers, and logistics facilities where high traffic and repetitive movement patterns are the norm.

ResinDek® engineered flooring panels with TriGard® ESD Ultra finish are engineered to withstand the high-frequency and repeat traffic associated with these environments, providing unparalleled durability and longevity. By choosing ResinDek® with TriGard® ESD Ultra finish, companies can rest assured that their investment in automated systems will be maximized and optimized for the long term.

TriGard® ESD Ultra provides more than 2x greater wear than the TriGard ESD coating and can be modified for increased surface roughness or a higher or lower reflectivity.

  • ResinDek panels coated with the Gray Diamond Seal ESD finish Top Side Engineered Fasteners
  • ResinDek flooring panels with TriGard ESD Coating Invisi-Loc®
  • ResinDek flooring panels with TriGard ESD Ultra Coating Collated Engineered Drill Screws for Corrugated Metal Deck

Do I need ESD Flooring and Anti-Static Flooring?

If you work in an industry where electrostatic buildup could be detrimental and lead to damage of products, such as electrically sensitive devices or equipment that is susceptible to damage such as robots, then ESD flooring is nonnegotiable. The protection it provides is invaluable. The same is true for employers that want to protect their employees from static shock. In industries where static is more of an inconvenience and employees spend little time on the floor then anti-static flooring is often sufficient.

Fortunately, ResinDek flooring panels are available with ESD protection. ResinDek Gray Diamond Seal® ESD coating is a fully compliant, certified ESD floor. It is often used in distribution centers that store clothing or use large amounts of electronics and automation. For industries that use Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) or Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) we recommend ResinDek flooring panels with our TriGard ESD floor coating. ResinDek with TriGard ESD is engineered specifically to endure the consistent, repeated travel patterns associated with AMRs and the defined travel paths of AGVs. The TriGard ESD coating has a 5x wear resistance over our commonly used Gray Diamond Seal coating and is designed to withstand high-frequency, repeat traffic. The TriGard ESD finish comes standard with ESD.

Have other questions about static prevention or ResinDek flooring, contact one of our experts today.