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ResinDek Shelving System
ResinDek® Shelving System

Manufactured by Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, ResinDek Shelving System is a newly developed and designed shelving system that easily stores and supports case goods in a rack or shelving structure inside a warehouse distribution or manufacturing center. The ResinDek Shelving System consists of three basic components: ResinDek horizontal shelving, ResinDek vertical dividers and lumber supports. This system easily installs without hardware, and our ResinDek dividers are far superior to cardboard and is less expensive than steel.

ResinDek® Shelving System is Fully Customizable!

Through the utilization of custom machining, the ResinDek Shelving System can be designed to accommodate shelf heights of 6" to 20", shelf depths from 8" to 60", and vertical divider spaces from 4" on center to 48" on center. The custom machining allows for the possibility of the vertical dividers to be moved without the use of hardware, which provides a great deal of flexibility in the design of vertical divider spaces between shelves or within an individual shelf bay.

ResinDek Shelving System is custom manufactured using a proprietary blend of moisture resistant medium and high density fiberboard. The panels may be unfinished as shown, or available with our Gray Diamond Seal® 2 finish. ResinDek horizontal shelving and vertical dividers come in thicknesses ranging from 1/4" to 3/4".

ResinDek® Shelving System Lumber Supports

The lumber supports are manufactured in accordance with Southern Pine Inspection Bureau Standards. Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products furnishes a #2 grade stamped Southern Yellow Pine lumber support. The supports may have custom machining to accommodate unique site requirements, including notches to accommodate the height of a step beam and the horizontal shelving members.

The lumber supports have been tested extensively for this application. Load carrying capacity varies by length of support, but they have been proven to support up to 800 lbs each when the length is 48” or less. The ends of lumber supports can be screwed down to rack or shelving beams at their ends.

Shelving System Lumber Supports
Shelving System Lumber Supports In Application

Independently Evaluated, Tested and Approved for Rated Load Capacity

30" 4,125 lbs 2,063 lbs
54" 4,733 lbs 1,027 lbs
30" 4,756 lbs 2,306 lbs
54" 4,125 lbs 2,063 lbs


ResinDek Shelving System has been independently evaluated, tested, approved and received Seizmic's S Mark through SMHE Inc., for its rated load capacity. Other loads and spans available upon request.


ResinDek Shelving System has been independently evaluated by IAPMO Uniform Evaluation Services, an internationally acclaimed body of independent structural engineers. After thorough and careful review, IAPMO has found the ResinDek Shelving System to be in compliance with Building Code (IBC) regulations, and can be installed in Types I-V Building construction, where it is not a structural part of the building as noted in table 601 of the IBC. IAPMO Uniform Evaluation Services United States ER number 467 and Canada ER number UEL 5027.

ResinDek Shelving System provides a safe, easy, economical and flexible configuration to rack and shelving units which allows for easy sortation, categorization, and identification of a large number of product SKU's. In addition, since this is considered part of the rack and not part of the stored product, it can usually be installed earlier than cardboard boxes, saving time and manpower.