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Flame Resistant Structural Flooring System Solution

ResinDek Xspan FR Overview Image
ResinDek® Xspan® FR

Like ResinDek Xspan, ResinDek Xspan FR (flame resistant) is a structural solution that does not require metal corrugated substructures. Even better, ResinDek FR Xspan panels are even stronger than regular ResinDek Xspan. This means that a portion of the cost to provide the fire rating can be offset through proper engineering of the flooring system. ResinDek FR Xspan is tested and capable of supporting 275 psf dead loads at 32" center supports and 3,000 lb. pallet jack loads (refer to the website for load span tables). Structural supports must be reviewed and approved by Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, and must be capable of supporting floor loads at specific intervals. For further details, call us and/or your local building code official. ResinDek Xspan FR meets ASTM E-84 Class "A" flame spread less than 25, meets UK Class "O", as well as European standards EN 13501-1 and is rated as CFL-s1.

ResinDek panels are manufactured in the United States at our Louisville, KY plant, which has been awarded ISO 9001 certification. Because of our expanding presence in Europe, our ResinDek panels have been independently audited by a recognized EU notified body and we have received factory process controls and obtained a CE mark for all ResinDek panels. With ResinDek panels, you can trust that the quality goes in before the name goes on.

The top of the decking panel is available in Gray Diamond Seal® 2, TriGard® and Electrostatic Dissipative (EDS) for superior cleanability, stain, scratch resistance and certified static control. The underside comes standard with a galvanized finish or white finish. With an unmatched ten-year warranty you can rest assured that your floor will be a showcase for years to come.

The ResinDek Xspan FR engineered flooring panel is manufactured with specially sorted and processed wood fibers, customized formaldehyde free resins, and a wax emulsifier. The ingredients are combined and compressed under extremely high pressure and temperature, resulting in a panel with superior physical properties that are especially designed and built to withstand heavy rolling cart and pallet jack loads.

All ResinDek Xspan FR panels are custom manufactured and available in sizes up to 4' x 10' with specially designed tongue and groove configurations. ResinDek tongue and groove configurations promote effective panel to panel wheel load transfers. When required, tongue and groove configurations are available on all 4 sides.

ResinDek Xspan FR - Allowable Uniform Loads per Span in Inches *

Unit of Measure 16 24 32 40 48
Lbs/Ft2 450 350 275 175 125

ResinDek Xspan FR - Allowable Pallet Jack Loads per Span in Inches **

Unit of Measure 16 24 32 40 48
Lbs 3,800 3,500 3,000 2,600 2,000

* All Allowable Loads are based on a two span condition - Please Contact Cornerstone for Other Span Conditions

** Allowable Pallet Jack Loads Includes Live Load + Weight of Pallet Jack Itself.

Gray Diamond Seal 2 Finish
Gray Diamond Seal 2™

Gray Diamond Seal 2™ is the standard by which all other coatings in our industry are measured. This superior finish is designed and engineered for long-lasting durability and will look beautiful with a showcase appearance year after year.

  • Exceptional resistance to common stains - tested in accordance with NEMA LD 3.4 with 29 different reagents.
  • Superior wear resistance – tested in accordance with Taber Abrasion ASTM D4060.
  • Superior scratch resistance – tested in accordance with Hoffman Scratch Hardness Tester.
  • Standard with anti-static protection (also available with optional ESD, electrostatic dissipative, protection).
  • Can be easily cleaned using a damp mop or standard cleaning solvents without the fear of damaging the surface.
TriGard Finish
TriGard® Coating Technology

TriGard® coating for ResinDek® panels is the solution for tomorrow’s technology. TriGard® is specifically engineered and designed to handle the rigorous demands of ultra-high rolling traffic that is typically found in robotic applications. With significantly more wear and scratch resistance than Gray Diamond Seal 2™,TriGard® will outlast and outperform any mezzanine floor coating on the market!

  • Technology, Research and Innovation
  • Extreme long-lasting durability
  • Standard with ESD protection
  • Engineered to handle extraordinarily heavy wheel load traffic
ESD Finish
ESD - Electrostatic Dissipative Finish

With our Electrostatic Dissipative Finish, ResinDek® ESD mezzanine floor panels provide an outstanding static control solution for industrial structural platforms, mezzanine floors, shelving systems and workstations. ESD provides protection for electrically sensitive devices such as laptops, barcode scanners, servo-drive motors, and pick-to-light systems that are common in distribution centers. ESD is available with Gray Diamond Seal 2™ and is standard with TriGard® Coating Technology.

  • Eliminate expensive electronic devices downtime caused by electrostatic discharges
  • Prevent uncomfortable static shocks to employees with a grounded surface

ResinDek® ESD panels have been extensively tested by the testing firm of Stephen Halperin & Associates and have been found to be in compliance with the following ESD Association Specifications:

  • ANSI/ESD S7.1 - Resistive Characterization of Materials–Floor Materials.
  • ANSI/ESD S20.20 - Protection of Electrical and Electronic Parts, Assemblies and Equipment.
  • ANSI/ESD STM97.1 - Floor Materials and Footwear–Resistance Measurement in Combination with a Person.

Testing Results are Summarized as Follows:

  • Average point-to-point resistance = 6.6 x 106 ohms
  • Average point-to-ground resistance = 7.8 x 106 ohms
  • ResinDek® ESD mezzanine floor panels generated less than 10 volts with static controlled footwear, and experienced a rapid voltage decay from 5,000 volts to less than 50 volts in under .50 seconds
Collated Stand Up Screw Gun
Top Side Drill Screws

For conventional top side screw installation, use Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products Collated Standup Screw Gun and collated drill screws. Not only will the collated screw gun save you up to 40% in fastening costs, but it will reduce installation fatigue with its ergonomic design.

The screws are engineered for strength, durability and easy installation. No coutersinking or pre-drilling is required as the wings are near the top of the shaft, which counterbore for screwheads. The number 2 square with a tek 3 drill point easily pierces up to 3/16” thick steel decking and is designed to drill through wood and steel decking prior to the threads engaging, thus preventing the panels from lifting.

In addition our collated screws offer the following advantages:

  • More consistent screw depth with greater control and settings
  • Fast and easy bit tip replacements
  • Requires minimal training
  • Stout # 12 gauge screw
  • Double winged part
  • Zinc coating for high humidity environments resists corrosion
  • Your choice of gray or beige drill screws
Invis-Loc Fastening System
Invisi-Loc® Underside Fastening Systems

Invisi-Loc® provides showcase mezzanine floors with no visible fasteners that are dependable, economical and easy to install. The Invisi-Loc® fastening system mounts fasteners under the mezzanine decking hiding unwanted screw holes on top.

  • 20 Invisi-Loc® fasteners are required per 4' x 8' sheet. A pneudraulic installation tool and a standard medium duty air compressor supplies the required power.
  • All pneudraulic installation tools can be rented or purchased from Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC.
  • When installed according to Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products specifications the Invisi-Loc® Underside Fastening System carries a 10-year warranty.

Additional Fastening Systems are available, please contact Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products for more information.

Check out the photos of ResinDek® flooring panels in the photo gallery, from Warehouse Distribution Centers to Self-Storage Facilities and much more, we’ve got your floors covered!