Various types of damaged flooring



Do your employees have a hard time rolling dollies or carts over plank grate or bar grate floors? Is your concrete turning to gravel or are the cracks in the concrete causing problems? Do you have laminated floors that are delaminating? Is your plywood floor worn-out or difficult to clean?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then ResinDek flooring is your solution! ResinDek panels are the ideal warehouse flooring products that last and can be easily installed in place of or over damaged flooring surfaces.

Self-storage mezzanine with ResinDek
Retrofit Bar Grate Deck or Mezzanine Plank Grating

Rolling carts or pallet jacks across bar or plant grating is very noisy, can be a trip hazard, and additionally, objects and debris can fall through the floor, affecting products below or possibly injuring employees. Simply put, bar or plank grate is not suitable for workstations, rolling traffic or for mobile robots. Learn how ResinDek panels are the perfect solution for damaged bar grate applications.

Self-storage mezzanine with ResinDek
The Rework Solution for Poly Deck Floor Delamination Problems

Like bar or plank grate floors, damaged laminated flooring can be a trip hazard and is also a violation of OSHA. The delaminating, cracking, and peeling can all prevent rolling dollies, pallet jacks and carts from rolling smoothly throughout your mezzanines. Learn how ResinDek is the solution to industrial laminate flooring problems.

Self-storage mezzanine with ResinDek
Damaged Concrete Flooring in Need of Repair

If you have ever had to push a rolling cart or pallet jack over cracked concrete you would know that it is very difficult. Concrete is also very costly to replace and can shut production down for long periods of time. Learn how ResinDek flooring can easily be installed over concrete with steel sleepers, making it the ideal damaged mezzanine flooring replacement solution.

Self-storage mezzanine with ResinDek
The Reason Plywood Floors are Not Ideal for Work Platforms

Worn-out plywood is unsightly, can be difficult to clean and possibly a trip hazard. It’s prone to water damage and absorbs stains which can be impossible to remove, and is not engineered to support industrial traffic such as rolling pallet jacks, dollies, carts, or AMR and AGV robots. Learn how Installing ResinDek panels over plywood is a simple affordable fix!