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Evaluation Report and Fire Code Compliance for ResinDek® Engineered Flooring Panels

Uniform Evaluation Service Shield

IAPMO's Uniform Evaluation Service (UES) has issued a Uniform Evaluation Service Report verifying that ResinDek engineered flooring panels manufactured by Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC® are in compliance with International Building Code (IBC), International Residential Code (IRC) and UL Fire-Resistance Ratings.

IAPMO the independent, third-party organization (which itself is ANSI Accredited) evaluated the panels' suitability for use in Types I-V construction and as part of a fire-resistance rated assembly when properly installed. The evaluation included a review of the physical, structural, surface burning, fire-resistance and ignition properties of the panels.

As an elevated flooring solution, ResinDek panels—which are engineered for use as a floor for mezzanines, industrial work platforms, equipment platforms, pick modules and self-storage facilities—will continue to be audited annually assuring local building officials that they are reviewing the most-up-to-date information.

The UES Report on ResinDek flooring assembly is currently available in two versions, one for the United States, and the second for Canada and its provinces. Both can be found below.

Please contact Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC® for additional fire code information.