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ResinDek® with MetaGard® (Patent Pending)

ResinDek MetaGard Steel Floor

MetaGard for abusive floor applications

MetaGard steel floor being installed

Performance Engineered Flooring Panels Designed for Heavy Wear Areas and Robotic Applications

Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products knows and understands the importance of having the right flooring product for the right application. That’s why we never stop testing and innovating new flooring solutions for the Material Handling industry. After years of designing and product testing we are pleased to introduce ResinDek with MetaGard (patent pending).

ResinDek with MetaGard flooring panels combine the structural integrity of a ResinDek panel along with the strength and durability of a steel wearing surface. The MetaGard steel surface is fused to the ResinDek panel with a proprietary bonding agent and features an edge that encapsulates the perimeter of the panel. This creates a floor that will not delaminate, has superior physical properties, is level for rolling loads, and has no sharp edges that could cut or snag objects passing over it.

ResinDek with MetaGard has been tested per ASTM D2047 standards and has been found to meet or exceed OSHA specification for slip resistance. The MetaGard surface is available in galvanized or stainless steel. Other steel variations may be available to fit your particular application.

Perfect Flooring Solution for:

  • Automated Guided Vehicles and Autonomous Mobile Robots

ResinDek® with MetaGard® can withstand millions of passes and high volumes of heavy loads exerted by modern robotic vehicles continuously moving around a warehouse.

  • Drop Zones and Heavy Wear Areas

ResinDek flooring panels with MetaGard can withstand the daily abuse associated with drop zones, heavy wear or high traffic areas.

  • Aggressive Rolling and Dragging Traffic Areas

ResinDek panels with the MetaGard surface helps minimize wear caused by dragging or pushing pallet jacks and totes across the floor.

  • Dirty Process Areas

If debris or process area dirt is a problem, MetaGard’s tough steel surface will help minimize surface wear.

Why choose ResinDek with MetaGard

  • Easier to install and less expensive than diamond plate, bar grate, and concrete
  • Provides a smooth transition between ResinDek and ResinDek with MetaGard
  • Improved noise abatement compared to diamond plate
  • Standard galvanized finish protects against corrosion
  • Backed by a 10-year product warranty