ResinDek with MetaGard

Systems Integrator Saved Time and Money Using ResinDek® with MetaGard® Steel Flooring Panels for Full Case Pick Modules

To save time, money and provide a durable warranted product, Kuecker Logistics Group's designed the pick modules with a combination of ResinDek with the Gray Diamond Seal® 2 finish and ResinDek® with the MetaGard® galvanized steel finish.

Kuecker Logistics Group ( designed and equipped a new 655,000 sqft distribution center for a large retailer of closeout merchandise and excess inventory. When designing the distribution center, Chase Watt, Site Foreman and Project Manager for Kuecker Logistics Group, knew exactly where to turn for the pick module flooring: Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC®.

The 655,000 sqft facility — used for store replenishment — includes full case pick modules equipped with a central conveyor on each level to transport the picked cases to a centralized merge point. Associates on each level of the four-level modules pick a variety of case sizes from pallets during a single shift. When empty pallets are removed from the pick positions, the associates slide them on their ends to designated pallet drop zones.

"We've worked with Cornerstone and their ResinDek flooring panels for many years; it's the best flooring product we've installed in pick modules, with high durability and fast installation time, and the best engineering services,". explains Chase Watt, Site Foreman and Project Manager for Kuecker Logistics Group.

"Before Cornerstone developed the MetaGard finish, we would specify a second layer of steel to be applied on top of the flooring to protect it from the pallets as they're dragged across the surface. It's a common technique in the industry for extreme wear applications," Watt notes. "The disadvantage of that is it's essentially a second installation, which takes more time and adds to the materials and contractor costs. When we saw the new MetaGard finish on the ResinDek panels at a trade show, we knew we wanted to use it in our next project."

Watt had no problem convincing his customer of the many benefits of the ResinDek flooring, including high durability, non-slip surface, easy maintenance, a 10-year warranty, and light reflectivity that contributes to a brighter, safer work environment. Additionally, there is no difference in ResinDek panel thickness, whether the MetaGard finish is specified or not. This ensures a smooth, level flooring surface — unlike floors that have an additional layer of steel applied to high traffic areas, which can cause a trip hazard. But among the most appreciated advantages of the product are the free engineering services and support provided by Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products.

"I love the simplicity aspect of it," says Watt. "Also, Cornerstone gives you an exact drawing of your pick module and your floor layout showing precisely which ResinDek panel goes where. Panels that need to be field cut are clearly marked with instructions about which end should be trimmed. It's essentially a turnkey design that is very easy for a contractor to install quickly; they know the installation is not going to be a headache, and that saves both time and cost."

Further, because the installers Watt used to install the ResinDek panels had not worked with the MetaGard finish before, Cornerstone sent a team to train the contractors for two days to ensure the flooring was installed properly. "That's unbelievable satisfaction from a customer service standpoint. I think it's the best flooring product in the industry," Watt concludes.