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Pacific Mini Storage adding a ResinDek MD mezzanine floor

ResinDek MD panels installed in 2003

Elevated walkway with ResinDek MD panels

Thirteen years in service, ResinDek panels on the 2nd floor still look great!

In 2003, Pacific Mini Storage wanted to expand their enclosed facility located just outside San Francisco, California. However, with the high cost land, traditional horizontal expansion wasn't feasible. So Pacific Mini Storage hired Cubic Designs to “go vertical” with the design and install a mezzanine directly above the existing storage units. This doubled the facility's size and revenue, as an additional 54,000 square feet of storage space was added. ResinDek panels, structural steel, and corrugated metal decking provided the ceiling for the first level and flooring for the second level.

Since then, Pacific Mini Storage was acquired by Central Self Storage. In March of 2016, Cubic Designs went to visit the facility to make sure that the mezzanine was meeting all of Central Self Storage's needs. Christy, the manager at Central Self Storage, told Cubic Designs that she continues to be impressed with the mezzanine: "as far as the comments on how the mezzanine has held up…fantastic! It was put together so well, everything seems so perfect. I have been here for almost seven years and I haven't found one thing that anyone could complain about".

Cubic Designs is a strategic partner and stocking distributor of ResinDek floor panels, which are manufactured and sold by Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC®.

ResinDek floor panels have proven structural integrity and support live and dead pallet jack loads from 2,000 – 8,000 lbs. ResinDek panels can be easily installed without disrupting the occupied units below.

With a properly designed flooring system, using ResinDek instead of concrete reduces the flooring system dead weight by 90%! The reduced weight, coupled with an increased allowable deflection, allows for a 25% reduction in the amount of steel in the substructure. As an added bonus, concrete footings can be significantly reduced, and sometimes eliminated altogether for even greater savings. It is quite common to save $4 to $5 per square foot when using ResinDek instead of concrete on elevated self-storage platforms. In other words, reduced flooring system weights, combined with smaller footings and less steel and greater allowable deflections.All of these design advantages equal Big Savings and a Bigger Return on your Self-Storage Facility Investment! Satisfied Self-Storage Clients have proven that ResinDek panels provide great value, and are a long lasting alternative to concrete on multi-level structures.

Pacific Mini Storage

Self-Storage (formerly Pacific Mini Storage)

ResinDek MD Panels

ResinDek panels are less expensive than concrete and can be easily installed without evacuating the occupied units below.

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