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Self-Storage Saves Time & Money With ResinDek® Flooring

Storage Fox is no newcomer to the Self-Storage Industry. Their current facility in White Plains, NY is their fourth project undertaken in the last six years. Each project has its own unique challenges. The current project is a ground + 2 level structure, consisting of approximately 20,000 sf per level.

Local code officials originally told Storage Fox that a ground plus two level structure exceeded the F.A.R. (Floor Area to Footprint Ratio) requirements for the site. As such, the initial recommendation was for a ground plus one story structure. However, 3D Metalcraft, owned by Rick Dodge, helped Storage Fox come up with a home run for their facility – A mezzanine constructed on the third level with materials that allowed the third level to be designated as a temporary demountable structure. Using ResinDek + 18 Gauge N Deck, they were able to construct the top floor directly over the interior load bearing walls without the need for extra steel joists.


"ResinDek panels were the absolute perfect solution for this site", said Tommy Attonito, owner of Storage Fox."First, we got to increase our storage space by an extra 50%. Second, we saved $5 per square foot in the construction process. That amounts to $100,000 on this project, and that's Real Money where I come from. Even better, we saved a significant amount of installation time in the process! We have a large project coming up in the next 18 months. If we can use ResinDek panels on all elevated floors, we can generate a savings of up to $500,000 on that project. Savings of that magnitude are huge, and will create enough capital to help us start our next project even sooner!". Tommy Attonito, Owner of Storage Fox.

Since ResinDek® panels are a finished product, 3D Metalcraft could begin installing the interior partitions just as soon as the panels were screwed down. With concrete, there is a lot more time and a bigger mess. In addition to working with a wet product, there is a lot of labor associated with screeding, floating, and finishing the floor.

"With concrete floors, we generally have to stay off the floors for 5 to 7 days, and the concrete must cure for a minimum of two weeks before we can start using tap con anchors to seat the floor track for partitions. Because we could start on interior partitions right away, we got the job done faster and cheaper, and we were able to pass the savings along to our customer", said Dodge.

According to Storage Fox, there are longer term benefits as well. "The ResinDek floor's gloss finish is easy to clean. Our brand new concrete floors already have shrinkage cracks, don't look as nice, and will be very dusty for a minimum of the next six months. Finishing concrete floors is expensive, and the paint tends to wear off. With Cornerstone's exclusive 10 year warranty, we can focus our efforts on other things, knowing that our flooring issues are solved", said Attonito.