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Multi-Level Canadian Self-Storage Facility Elevates Revenues with ResinDek® Panels

ResinDek® flooring panels, manufactured by Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC®, are the value engineered solution for Multi-Level Self-Storage Facilities. ResinDek panels provide the strength you associate with a concrete floor, yet save you tens of thousands of dollars and can be easily installed over existing storage units! But don't take our word for it: read what Hal Spradling, owner of All Canadian Self-Storage had to say about ResinDek flooring.

"I was first introduced to ResinDek panels by an Ontario company who had been using ResinDek for 12 years", said owner Hal Spradling. "Because of the price, delivery, installation, pre-finished surface, durability, structural integrity and great finished floor appearance, I decided to try it".

"We first installed ResinDek panels on our second level of storage units at our Weston location about three years ago. Not only was it less expensive than concrete, it was considerably less disruptive to our existing business. The ResinDek panels went in quickly, and could be installed directly over existing storage units without the need to evacuate the occupied units while the second level was being installed. After three years, the floor still looks great. We will be using ResinDek panels instead of concrete on all future construction, including a very large new four level, 220,000 sqft. facility later this year. For All Canadian Self-Storage, this investment makes a lot sense".

With a properly designed flooring system, using ResinDek instead of concrete reduces the flooring system dead weight by 90%! The reduced weight, coupled with an increased allowable deflection, allows for a 25% reduction in the amount of steel in the substructure. As an added bonus, concrete footings can be significantly reduced, and sometimes eliminated altogether for even greater savings. It is quite common to save $4 to $5 per square foot when using ResinDek instead of concrete on elevated self-storage platforms. In other words, reduced flooring system weights, combined with smaller footings and less steel and greater allowable deflections. All of these design advantages equal Big Savings and a Bigger Return on your Self-Storage Facility Investment! Satisfied Self-Storage Clients have proven that ResinDek panels provide great value, and are a long lasting alternative to concrete on multi-level structures.