Tarrytown Self-Storage

SELF-STORAGE FLOORING: Build Two Floors Simultaneously Using ResinDek® Panels Instead of Concrete



  • The existing building was converted into a Self-Storage facility, and two floors were added after raising the roof
  • Looking for a floor that can easily handle the load requirement of 125 psf
  • The 2nd and 3rd floors were able to be built simultaneously because they didn't have to wait for concrete to cure – allowing all trades and esd flooring contractors to work on both floors at the same time

Challenge: Provide a flooring solution that would allow for quick installation and handle 125 psf

Solution: ResinDek LD flooring panels were chosen because of their strength and durability and saved time and money compared to concrete


Peter Ferraro, owner and developer of Tarrytown Self-Storage used ResinDek for the first time on an existing building he converted into a self-storage facility. The two-story building had a footprint of 17,000 sqft. To maximize the rentable space, he raised the roof 8' to allow for the addition of the 3rd floor.

Mr. Ferraro stated, "When I saw ResinDek I immediately realized the advantages of it. ResinDek panels provided substantial savings in dead weight compared to concrete and can easily handle the load requirement of 125 psf. Had I gone with concrete on the 3rd floor I would have needed additional pilings and more steel in the support structure.

However, for us an even bigger advantage is that ResinDek panels allowed us to build faster than we could have with concrete. We were able to build the 2nd floor and 3rd floor simultaneously, because we didn't have to wait for the concrete to cure. This allowed all of the trades to work on multiple floors at the same time, the electrician and the plumber could keep working, so everything flowed smoothly.

As an added benefit the finish of the ResinDek panel has a nice color that reflects light well. Concrete has a tendency to crack. I definitely see the savings of time and money with ResinDek compared to concrete".

Using ResinDek flooring panels for your self-storage facility instead of concrete has several advantages.

  • Cost-effectiveness: ResinDek offers a cost-effective flooring solution compared to traditional concrete flooring. It significantly reduces the flooring system's dead weight, leading to cost savings in materials and construction.
  • Increased storage space: By installing a mezzanine with ResinDek flooring, you can "go vertical" and create additional storage space without the need for costly horizontal expansions or acquiring more land.
  • Structural integrity: ResinDek panels have proven structural integrity and can support heavy loads, including live and dead pallet jack loads ranging from 2,000 to 8,000 lbs, making them suitable for storage of various items.
  • Easy installation: ResinDek panels can be easily installed without disrupting the occupied units below. This means you can expand your facility without inconveniencing your existing customers and employees.
  • Great value: ResinDek panels provide excellent value for money, especially for multi-level structures, offering a bigger return on your self-storage facility investment.

If you're interested in our ResinDek panels as your cost-effective self-storage flooring option, don't hesitate to contact our team.