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ResinDek® Chosen for a Fully Compliant ESD Floor

Legacy Platform Co-Founder's Bill Jones and John Sloan have been specifying ResinDek flooring panels from Cornerstone Special Wood ProductsCornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC® for over 10 years. So, when a general contractor asked Bill to recommend an electrostatic dissipative (ESD) flooring product for a mezzanine being constructed in an e-commerce fulfillment center in northern Ohio, Jones knew precisely where to turn. "Without hesitation, I told him that his project needed ResinDek," he recalls.

Jones' company, Legacy Platform, offers design, integration, and procurement services to companies building industrial warehouses and distribution centers and to general contractors. Legacy Platform specializes in helping e-commerce and fulfillment operations maximize their usable floorspace through new and retrofit construction of prefabricated or stick-built mezzanines and industrial work platforms — for which Cornerstone's flooring products are specifically engineered.

Jones' customer contacted him with the inquiry, as well as the specifications for the 20,000 square-foot platform on December 18. As the platform's foundational structure was already mid-way through construction at that point, Cornerstone's engineering team wasted no time. Despite a revision to the project's total square footage, the team produced a design and layout for the flooring, as well as a quote by the next day."It was an extremely fast turnaround", notes Jones. "I've always had great customer service experiences with Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products; this was even more impressive, particularly considering it was during the end-of-year holidays."

Given the requirements of the project, Cornerstone's engineering team specified ResinDek LD panels with Gray Diamond Seal® 2 ESD coating. ResinDek LD is a cost-effective flooring solution that supports dynamic and static pallet jack loads up to 2,000 pounds. The Gray Diamond Seal 2 ESD coating provides a fully complaint ESD finish to protect equipment and automation from electro-static discharge. In fact, it will keep the voltage under 50 volts, thus giving a much higher level of protection than commonly used anti-static finish.

As often happens in construction, some delays in January led to the order being placed later than intended, Jones says. "Not a problem for Cornerstone. They expedited the fabrication and delivery", he recalls. "Then, a few days after the flooring system was delivered, there was a change in project scope, adding a few hundred square feet to the platform. Rather than simply selling us more product, Cornerstone's engineering team revised the deck layout to fully cover the platform without any additional sheets required."

When it came time for the sub-contractors to install the flooring, Jones was joined by Cornerstone's Keith Shipman, National Sales Manager, on-site at the facility. The pair trained the crew on how to properly install the ResinDek panel system, ensuring that the flooring was completed quickly.

"A week later in the middle of the installation, I had a call from the contractor who realized they had misplaced some of the wood screws. I happened to be at a trade show, and connected with the Cornerstone team at their booth", Jones says. "Within 20 minutes, they had the situation resolved — shipping the screws overnight to the site, no questions asked — not even for a credit card number. They truly are a phenomenal partner, going above and beyond for both me and my customers."