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ResinDek® Panels - The Rework Solution for Warehouse Floors

Damaged mezzanine grate flooring

Damaged bar grate floor

Cracked concrete

Damaged concrete floor

Peeling floor panel

Damaged laminated floor

Worn out plywood

Damaged plywood floor

Do your employees have a hard time rolling dollies or carts over plank grate or bar grate floors?

Is your concrete turning to gravel or are the cracks in the concrete causing problems?

Do you have laminated floors that are delaminating?

Is your plywood floor worn-out or difficult to clean?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then ResinDek decking is the solution to your flooring problem! ResinDek panels are the ideal warehouse floor repair products that last, and can be easily installed in place of or over damaged flooring surfaces.

Damaged bar grating floor

Damaged bar grate

ResinDek installed over damaged bar grating

ResinDek decking mezzanine panels installed over damaged bar grate

Damaged Plank or Bar Grate Floors

Rolling carts or pallet jacks across bar or plank grating is very noisy. Plus, objects and debris can fall through the floor, affecting products below or possibly injuring an employee. Also, like plywood, bar and plank grating is a trip hazard. Simply put, bar or plank grate is not suitable for workstations or rolling traffic. ResinDek panels are the perfect damaged bar grate solutions.

ResinDek® Bar Grate Rework Case Studies

The Maintenance Manager at this Tennessee Distribution Facility was faced with a problem often seen on bar grate mezzanine floor applications. Pallet jack wheels were getting torn up, efficiency was down, and their associates where not productive.

Testimonial from the Tennessee Distribution Facility's Maintenance Manager.

"We have installed ResinDek panels over our bar grate mezzanine. The results have been immediate, and very good! Our products can now be moved quickly and easily from the lower level to the work platform, and from the staging area to the conveyors. This has been a great success for us! We intend to deck over the entire platform with ResinDek panels as soon as budgeting permits! We should have used ResinDek panels from the outset. Our Company has several million square feet of ResinDek panels in place throughout the US, and we are very pleased with the flooring. We have mezzanines right in this facility that are over eight years old that were decked with ResinDek. Those platforms still look and work great for us! I would freely tell other Facilities Managers to choose ResinDek Panels for their work platforms. For our company, ResinDek Panels have withstood the test of time."

"As an added benefit, Cornerstone offers us a ResinDek panel with an electrostatic dissipative surface. Before we started using ResinDek ESD panels, we were experiencing some static shocks to our associates, and occasionally, the servo drive motors on our conveyors were shorting out. The ResinDek ESD has saved us countless hours in needless down time and expensive repairs. We are very satisfied with our ResinDek Panels at this facility."

Damaged concrete

Damaged concrete

ResinDek installed over damaged concrete

ResinDek mezzanine panels installed over damaged concrete

Damaged Concrete Floors

If you have ever had to push a rolling cart or pallet jack over cracked concrete you would know that it is very difficult. Concrete is also very costly to replace and can shut production down. ResinDek can easily be installed over concrete with steel sleepers, making it the ideal damaged mezzanine flooring replacement solution.

Testimonial from a Retailer's Engineering Manager

"We introduced pallet jacks to the mezzanine floor and it was just too much weight and deflection. As a result, the pallet jacks broke through the concrete mezzanine flooring in 3 different places and cracked the mezzanine concrete floor in numerous areas. We had a real mess on our hands."

"We feel like we hit a home run by using ResinDek Xspan." said the Retailer's Engineering Manager. "We have a new mezzanine and a material-handling platform the employees are more comfortable working on, and we have saved a substantial amount of money. Using ResinDek products seems to be a no-brainer at this point." he continued. "We are grateful for the ingenuity and support provided by Daigle Engineers and Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC®. And now that we know about ResinDek and its added benefits with savings we will be considering ResinDek instead of concrete for future projects."

Laminated floor delaminating

Laminated floor delaminating

Damaged laminated floor
ResinDek installed over damaged laminated floor

ResinDek installed over damaged laminated floor

Damaged Laminated Floors

Like bar or plank grate floors, damaged laminated floors are a trip hazards and they are violations of OSHA. ResinDek is the solution to industrial laminate flooring problems.

ResinDek® Damaged Laminated Floor Rework Case Studies

After experiencing delamination and wood fiber separation on a competitor's product, Polo Ralph Lauren was searching for a solution to their problem. ResinDek® was selected to eliminate this issue. With over 287,000 square feet installed over a 7-year period ResinDek® is now their choice for their pick module flooring and platform needs.

Testimonial from Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation Chief Industrial Engineer.

"ResinDek has withstood the heavy traffic and the test of time. We now have 260,000 square feet of ResinDek MD in place and are very pleased to have a floor panel that lasts and supports our workloads."

Damaged plywood
ResinDek installed over plywood

Worn-Out Plywood Floors

Worn-out plywood is unsightly, can be difficult to clean and possibly a trip hazard. Installing ResinDek panels over plywood is a simple affordable fix!