Resin Board

Moisture-resistant composite resin board used for mezzanine decking surfaces is not the same flooring panel as ResinDek®. ResinDek flooring panels are far superior to "resin board" and are backed by a 10-year product warranty that covers pallet jack loads. ResinDek panels have been independently evaluated and approved for use in Types I-V construction, and as part of a fire rated assembly when constructed in accordance IAPMO Uniform Evaluation Service Report – United State ER Number 467 and Canada ER Number UEL 5027.

Be sure to specify ResinDek flooring panels for your next project and if you see resin board floor panels on a quote ask them to change it to ResinDek – you don't want a generic resin panel for your mezzanine, pick module, robotic flooring or any other area where structural integrity matters.