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UES (Uniform Evaluation Service)

Uniform Evaluation Service (UES) is an independent, third-party organization that is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) per the ISO/IEC Guide 17065. Reports produced through the UES are based on referenced code requirements, technical data evaluations, AQ system evaluations, and the use of recognized laboratory services displaying compliance with the International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC). Thus, building products, materials and designs bearing the UES mark of conformity are trusted for their conformity and workmanship by contractors, inspectors, architects, engineers, officials and Authorities Having Jurisdiction. UES is now recognized worldwide.

ResinDek flooring panels were evaluated and approved by UES for use in Types I-V construction, and as part of a fire-resistance rated assembly when properly installed. United States ER Number 467 and Canada ER Number UEL 5027.