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Switching To ResinDek® Flooring Panels = Value Engineering Opportunities with Substantial Savings!

ResinDek® flooring panels, manufactured by Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC®, are the value engineered flooring solution that that can be used in place of concrete floors on above ground floors. ResinDek® is an engineered wood flooring panel that provides the strength you associate with a concrete floor, yet offers a substantial savings, while providing a showcase appearance that is easy to clean and maintain. As a matter of fact, it is quite common to save up to $5/sqft* or more when using ResinDek instead of concrete.

How can you realize savings of up to $5/sqft by using ResinDek instead of concrete and get a product that is backed by a 10-year warranty?

  • ResinDek is at least 40 lbs per square foot lighter than concrete which allows for less steel to be used in the support structure, along with potential savings in the foundation and footers.
  • ResinDek is supplied with a factory finish so tracks can be laid for the storage units immediately after the flooring is installed. Concrete typically needs a week or more to cure before tapcons can be used to continue construction.
  • ResinDek has an allowable deflection of L/240 whereas concrete's allowable deflection is L/360. This creates a more ergonomic platform and again allows for less steel in the support structure.
  • Material cost per square foot is less than that of concrete.
  • ResinDek is backed by a 10-year product warranty!

ResinDek® panels can be easily installed over existing floors for conversions and retro-fit applications.

Whether you are converting a pre-existing facility or adding onto your facility by building up, ResinDek can be easily installed over damaged floors or existing storage units without the need to evacuate the occupied storage units below while the next level is being installed. For facilities that are experiencing concrete cracking, damaged grating, delaminating floors, or the existing plywood floors are just too worn-out, ResinDek's selection of mezzanine flooring systems are the optimal choice to combat these flooring issues. With proven structural integrity ResinDek panels easily support supports 125 psf uniform loads.

From developers, to contractors, and to end-users, our goal is to suit your needs through support on the jobsite, logistics, custom requests, as well as offering readily available support from our team of knowledgeable sales associates. ResinDek's line of self-storage floor panels are available with FSC Certification and can be used to earn LEED credits. Learn more about why Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products® and ResinDek® have received the prestigious Most Valuable Supplier Award by the MHEDA trade association and how we can help find the right flooring solution for you.

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Damaged ConcreteReplace cracked concrete
Damaged Bar GrateReplace damaged grating
DelaminationPeeling floor panel
Worn-Out PlywoodWorn out plywood

ResinDek® Product Warranty
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Engineered to withstand the loads, traffic and repetitive movement required by your business.

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ResinDek® Performance Advantage
ResinDek Mezzanine Flooring Panels Performance Advantages

Engineered, designed and tested for performance and long-lasting durability.

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Earn LEED Credits with ResinDek®
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All ResinDek® panels can contribute towards earning points for LEED® qualified buildings.

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ResinDek® is Available with FSC® Certification
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ResinDek® panels have met FSC's stringent criteria and are available when required.

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Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC® Received MHEDA's Most Valued Supplier Award

Most Valued Supplier Award
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