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Care and Maintenance Tips For Your Industrial Flooring

There are an estimated 128,000 businesses within the flooring industry here in the United States. And if you've chosen to obtain new industrial flooring through our company, we want to do everything we can to help you preserve it. While industrial ResinDek® flooring is extremely durable and cost-effective, no material is impenetrable to grime or damage. That's why we've put together this handy care and maintenance guide for your new floor.

General Care Tips

  • Have your industrial mezzanine floor system properly installed by professionals
  • Sweep floors on a daily basis to remove dust, dirt, and debris
  • Keep sharp objects away and refrain from excessive loads to avoid damage
  • Clean using a damp mop and/or other solvents (such as diluted isopropyl alcohol, or detergents and floor cleaners available at local retailers)
  • Take care of all spills right away
  • Do not soak, hose down, or excessively wet your ResinDek industrial flooring

Damaged Floors? Call for Assistance

Although ResinDek flooring panels are quite strong, we do provide load recommendations to our customers. Loads in excess of these recommendations can result in cracks or holes. This damage needs to be repaired (or potentially replaced) right away. Small scratches and other minor damages may be able to be repaired with our touch up kit. Should you need assistance, we'd be happy to provide you with information on how to best handle a repair or replacement in accordance with our product warranties.

An Important Word on Methylene Chloride

When cleaning your industrial flooring, NEVER use methylene chloride, paint thinners, or degreasers. These products will damage flooring finishes, so for that reason alone, you'll want to steer clear. But methylene chloride, in particular, has been linked to many deaths. Despite the fact that this ingredient is banned in Europe, it can be found in many products on store shelves here in the United States. The EPA recently proposed a federal ban on this ingredient, but it has yet to be removed from websites and stores. Even if you have been trained in proper procedures and use safety equipment, refrain from using any products containing methylene chloride on your industrial floors and in any other applications.

Need additional maintenance information? Please contact us today for assistance.

Posted on May 8, 2018