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The Ergonomic Dangers of Concrete Flooring (And How ResinDek Floors Can Help)

In 2016, the U.S. flooring market grew by 3.1%. But while that growth is certainly healthy, that doesn't mean a business's choice of flooring is healthy for employees. Concrete decks, for example, can put workers at a significant disadvantage in terms of their physical well-being. These floor systems have proven to put more strain on workers' bodies, which can result in unnecessary discomfort, pain, and even injuries. Let's take a closer look at the ergonomic disadvantages of concrete and how ResinDek® industrial flooring can solve many of these issues.

Research conducted by Dr. Steve Lavender for Ohio State University's Institute of Ergonomics found that those who worked on concrete flooring (as well as bar grate flooring) experienced increased tibial shock as compared to those who worked on ResinDek flooring. Essentially, working on concrete is the equivalent of adding an extra 12 pounds to your body, while working on bar grate adds an extra 18 pounds to your body. All that additional weight results in a lot more physical strain (and sometimes pain) for employees who are already moving, loading, and packing products. Since these jobs are already quite physically demanding, the extra weight caused by flooring choice can make workers more prone to injuries. Not only does this put employees at risk, but it ultimately has an impact on the business's bottom line due to time off, workers' comp, and lost productivity.

The health problems associated with working or living on concrete flooring are well-documented. According to experts, concrete floor systems can cause everything from bunions and ingrown toenails to shin splints, lumbar strain, and achilles tendonitis. It can also lead to lower back pain, stress fractures, knee pain, and worsening of arthritis symptoms. Basically, spending a lot of time walking on concrete flooring has the potential to cause harm to the feet, the legs, the back, and the entire physical being -- making it extremely difficult to do one's job well or even function to the fullest outside of work.

To minimize the negative effects of walking on concrete, employees should take care to wear proper footwear, stretch regularly, and take rests when needed. However, employees can preserve their employees' health by choosing alternatives to concrete. ResinDek mezzanine floor systems, for instance, are much more comfortable to walk on, reduce the risk of injuries, and are more durable overall. Plus, they're actually more cost-effective than both concrete and bar grate.

If you want to keep your employees in tip top shape and keep your business thriving, you may want to consider options other than concrete or bar grate. To find out more about how ResinDek flooring can fulfil your needs, please contact us today.

Posted on May 21, 2018