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New ResinDek with MetaGard® Finish: Our Strongest Surface Option Yet

The ResinDek® line of engineered floor panels for mezzanines, industrial work platforms and pick modules easily withstands heavy loads and tough environments with a variety of durable surface finishes for elevated floors.

So, when we were challenged to develop a surface "as strong as steel" that offered iron clad resistance to even the harshest, most abusive environments—such as areas of high traffic - floors that aren't regularly cleaned - and for those utilizing autonomous vehicles, we did.

In fact, we even used steel.

The new, patent pending MetaGard® steel finish option comes in either galvanized or stainless, fused to the selected ResinDek panel with a proprietary bonding agent. Hard-wearing and slip-resistant, MetaGard's electrostatic dissipative (ESD) properties protect sensitive equipment. To prevent sharp edges that could cut or snag, as well as providing further protection against delamination, the steel surface is wrapped securely around the perimeter of each panel.

The MetaGard finish delivers an even more robust surface than concrete. In testing, it's been shown to be five times more abrasion resistant than concrete in heavily trafficked areas where dirt and debris are not routinely removed (like 24/7 operations, drop zones, or where heavy loads are dragged across the floor). In addition, the steel surface bonded to the very dense structural surface of the ResinDek panels makes the ResinDek with MetaGard panels extremely resistant to gouges and scratches. Yet, unlike concrete, it does not crack, produce dust or require sealing. And—like all ResinDek panels—those with the MetaGard finish are lighter than concrete, making them faster, easier and less expensive to install.

Additionally — in both pilot installations and testing — the durable MetaGard surface has been proven to withstand more than 2 million passes by autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) annually. That adds up to more than 20 million passes during our 10-year product warranty period. ResinDek's warranty is the only warranty that covers pallet jack load limits for 10 years?

Finally, ResinDek with MetaGard is easier to install and less expensive than diamond plate, bar grate, and concrete. It provides a smooth transition between ResinDek and ResinDek with MetaGard. ResinDek with MetaGard flooring panels have been tested per ASTM D2047 standards and was found to meet or exceed OSHA specifications for slip resistance.

The MetaGard finish may be specified on ResinDek panels and in panel sizes up to 4 x 8 feet. To learn more about our newest option for iron clad durability, visit our MetaGard product page here, or call us at 513.772.5560.

Posted on May 31, 2019