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Concrete vs. ResinDek: How You Can Save Money and Time on Installation

When considering new flooring for your warehouse mezzanine floor or industrial work platform, you may be trying to decide between ResinDek and concrete. While both are great options, you can actually save a lot of time and money using ResinDek. Here's what you should know.

How You Can Save Money Using ResinDek

Companies are always looking for ways to save money. Choosing ResinDek flooring panels can actually help you do that. A square foot of ResinDek industrial flooring will cost you much less than one square foot of concrete. In fact, a sporting good's retailer saved $644,000 by using ResinDek industrial flooring rather than the concrete option. The retailer found savings in the footings, the structural steel, and the installation costs. You can do the same.

Concrete floors are prone to cracking, which is a serious safety hazard. Repairing your cracked floor is not an easy fix and having your flooring replaced is going to be expensive. Plus concrete floors are dusty. But with ResinDek industrial flooring, you don't have to worry about the extra costs. ResinDek flooring panels are easy to maintain and clean.

How You Can Save Time Using ResinDek

ResinDek is one of the most time-efficient products on the market. Unlike other flooring options, ResinDek doesn't require any curing time. This means that once the flooring is installed, it's ready to be walked on. It comes with a factory finish already applied, meaning your construction time can easily be reduced by three to five weeks (depending on the size of the job).

When fixing up the floors of your business, cutting back on construction time is important. Not only does it reduce headaches, but it also ensures that your productivity won't suffer. If the floor is being replaced in your factory, it's going to be very hard for your employees to get their jobs done. This is why it's important to choose ResinDek for your industrial floor.

The flooring industry reached a peak of $24.175 billion in sales back in 2006, and has yet to break that record. But since every building needs a floor, it's an industry that won't die out any time soon. When you choose flooring for your company elevated platform, make sure you're choosing one that can save you time and money. The prime choice for something like that is ResinDek. ResinDek industrial flooring costs business owners a lot less than concrete does and can limit construction time.

Posted on July 26, 2018