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The 3 S' of Mezzanine Floors: Strong, Sustainable, and Speedy

When you need an industrial flooring system that can bear heavy loads and stand the test of time, ResinDek mezzanine floor systems should be on your radar. While there are approximately 128,000 businesses in the U.S. flooring industry, very few of these businesses specialize in this mezzanine flooring. If you're thinking about choosing a decking system, you'll likely want to understand some of the benefits that set this material apart from all other options. In today's post, we'll discuss what we refer to as the three S's -- which comprise just some of the benefits of ResinDek mezzanine floors.

STRENGTH: When you consider the many benefits of a mezzanine flooring system, it's the strength that often shows up at the top of the list. ResinDek is undeniably strong, yet incredibly lightweight in comparison to concrete and some other materials. In addition, it's also extremely durable. It can withstand heavy loads with ease, giving you ample peace of mind. It’s also moisture resistant.

SUSTAINABILITY: In today's world, many companies are concerned with protecting the planet, and it's easy to see why. Customers seek out greener businesses at higher rates than in the past, and being able to prove your commitment to sustainability will often yield positive coverage and even higher revenue. One of the benefits of ResinDek engineered floor panels you might not have immediately considered is its sustainability. Our industrial flooring systems play a part in businesses becoming LEED certified and ResinDek mezzanine flooring panels contain no added formaldehyde and are available with FSC certification when required.

SPEED: Finally, the installation of ResinDek mezzanine decking system is also quite fast. Because ResinDek engineered flooring panels have a factory finish and can be installed with a stand-up screwdriver they can be installed more quickly than when working with concrete. Another plus is that, unlike concrete options, engineered wood floors can potentially be moved with ease. Ultimately, that means the initial installation, uninstallation, and reinstallation can all be accomplished on a short timeline without posing a lengthy interruption to your daily operations.

Now that you understand more about how our engineered wood mezzanine floor systems can benefit your business, you might be ready to embrace this type of system for your mezzanine or conveyor platform. To find out more, please contact us today.

Posted on October 7, 2018