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The Advantages of Using ResinDek Flooring Panels Instead of Concrete for Self-Storage Facilities

Sometimes, it makes more sense to build up, not out. That's what a lot of self-storage business owners think as they contemplate expansion.

And they aren't wrong. This is a booming industry.

According to Curbed, 1 in 11 Americans pay for storage units at an average cost of $91.14 per month, and there are more than 50,000 storage facilities throughout the United States. That's more than the number of some fast-food restaurant units - like McDonald's, Wendy's, and Burger King combined. It's a $32.7 billion industry and - Bloomberg reports - it's seen 7.7% increase in annual growth over the past eight years.

With such a promising future, it's no wonder more and more business owners continue to weigh the upfront investment and ongoing operational costs against recurring and lifetime value. And why they pursue expansion plans to increase the number of rental units that they offer.

One of the most significant costs when opening the self-storage business (or expanding it) is the unsurprising construction fees. The total cost can range widely depending on location, space, and materials required for building.

One way for business owners to appreciate enormous advantages is in choosing the proper flooring type. Here's more information on why ResinDek flooring panels far exceeds that of traditional concrete flooring for multi-level facilities.

It's All The Rage

The self-storage business has seen massive growth in recent years and the future continues to look bright. Almost 10% of U.S. households use self-storage. With Baby Boomers downsizing (and having decades' worth of accumulated goods) and Millennials moving out, moving on, and taking advantage of trendy downtown condos that boast little space, it's no wonder the need for self-storage units is there.

From an operational standpoint, it's enticing. Renters pay per month, giving owners guaranteed, recurring revenue with low-level management and maintenance. On top of that, Wall Street Journal notes that - like gym memberships - many people join and forget about it (to avoid the hassle and costs of moving their stuff over and over again), which then gives business owners peace of mind and years of a steady revenue stream.

Almost three-quarters of self-storage operators are small business owners, compared to 18% of public companies, while the remaining is made up of big businesses. There are a variety of self-storage facility types: climate-controlled and non-climate-controlled, units specific for goods vs paperwork vs vehicles, portable and non-portable units, and of course, one-floor or multi-floor systems.

About ResinDek

ResinDek flooring panels from Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products are engineered specifically for multi-level self-storage facilities. They provide the strength associated with concrete flooring but offer tremendous cost and time savings - both during installation, as well as over the lifetime of the flooring product's usage.

  • ResinDek flooring is available in sizes from 4' to 10' with tongue and groove configurations to promote effective panel-to-panel wheel load transfers.
  • It boasts a superior finish designed and engineered for long-lasting durability.
  • It's easy to mop, clean, and has exceptional resistance to stains.
  • Unlike concrete, ResinDek panels have a 10-year warranty.
  • It installs faster and easier than concrete installs.
  • It's demountable, if ever needed.
  • ResinDek panels do not produce dust, require sealing or crack like concrete. In addition, individual panels can be removed without having to refinish an entire floor.

Cost Savings

ResinDesk flooring weighs less than concrete.

A lot less, actually.

It can reduce the flooring system's total deadweight by as much as 90%. This directly affects the amount of steel and related hardware materials needed in the substructure of the facility and can save a considerable amount on construction costs.

The flooring itself can cost significantly less than traditional concrete, too. On average, upfront costs are $4 to $5 less per square foot for ResinDek versus concrete. Depending on the size of your storage facility, that could equate to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost-savings.

One self-storage operator in White Plains, NY added a second floor to his facility and appreciated the benefits of ResinDek.

"First, we got to increase our storage space by an extra 50%," said Tommy Attonito, owner of Storage Fox. "Second, we saved $5 per square foot in the construction process. That amounts to $100,000 on this project."

Non-Disruptive Construction

No doubt, concrete flooring is necessary for certain environments. But it's not necessary for floors above ground level, especially in self-storage facilities.

Unlike concrete, which requires different types of installation equipment, as well as time and space to cure, ResinDek flooring panels allows rental units on the first floor to continue operating as normal while the installation takes place above.

Another customer, based out of Ontario, Canada, was expanding his establishment and continued business as usual during construction.

"We first installed ResinDek panels on our second level of storage units at our Weston location," said Hal Spradling, owner of All Canadian Self-Storage. "Not only was it less expensive than concrete, but it was also considerably less disruptive to our existing business. The ResinDek panels went in quickly and could be installed directly over existing storage units without the need to evacuate the occupied units while the second level was being installed. After three years, the floor still looks great."


On your drive home from work today, notice all the self-storage facilities available along the road. From major corporate chains to smaller or regional businesses - they are everywhere. Each owner/operator has made deliberate decisions on the material used to construct his/her facility and the flooring is a major component of that construction. For those that exist as multi-level units, flooring decisions are even more important. ResinDek panels offer major advantages over traditional concrete flooring and can offer tremendous cost-savings, both upfront and over time.

Posted on July 7, 2020