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Why Choose Engineered Wood for Industrial Flooring

In 2016, commercial buildings accounted for nearly 35.9% of the total flooring market. Within that substantial portion of the market, there are several options available for industrial flooring. Contractors may be inclined to utilize the materials they're more familiar with, but there may be more cost-effective, high-quality options out there. Concrete, for example, may be an enduring choice for industrial mezzanine decking. But in many cases, it may not actually be the best industrial flooring choice. Let's take a look at why engineered wood (also known as industrial resin flooring) should win out in this debate.

  • It's more lightweight: When building an upper deck, weight matters. A deck made of concrete and corrugated steel weighs an average of 45 pounds per square foot. In contrast, a deck made of ResinDek engineered wood and corrugated steel weighs only five pounds per square foot. That makes it 90% lighter than concrete, yet this doesn't force you to sacrifice on quality in the slightest.
  • It's more affordable: Because engineered wood floor systems are so much lighter, they'll need far fewer support structures. That can translate into significant cost savings. The footings and structural steel required for an engineered wood deck are far less than what's required with a concrete one. In many cases, that results in thousands of dollars in savings. Plus, the actual cost of engineered flooring per square foot is less than that of concrete, meaning it's much more budget-friendly.
  • It takes less time to install: Construction delays can mean big trouble for a contractor and big costs for a business owner. Installing a concrete mezzanine can take several weeks or even months, but choosing an engineered wood mezzanine can decrease installation time by three to five weeks, depending on the situation. And while concrete takes time to cure, resin flooring is ready to go right away. That means once the installation is finished, the client won't have to wait to use this space. Since happy business owners can easily turn into loyal clients, installation time is an important factor to keep in mind.
  • It's more mobile: Once you install concrete industrial flooring, it's pretty much there to stay. While that seems like that might make it more durable, that can actually be a problem for some businesses. As a company's needs change, they may want a solution that can grow with them. While it's not exactly a simple endeavor to move engineered wood flooring panels, they can be rearranged or transported elsewhere if needed. With concrete, you're stuck where you are.

Trying to decide which industrial flooring option will serve your clients best? Engineered mezzanine decking will provide the flexibility, affordability, and convenience that can benefit their business. To learn more about our ResinDek flooring and the industries we serve, please contact us today.