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Why Should I Use A Mezzanine Floor System

As an architect or designer, one of the more difficult parts of the engineering process is getting the most out of the space you have. This is especially challenging when designing layouts for warehouses and commercial businesses who need as much work room as possible.

Fortunately, industrial mezzanine floor systems allow you to maximize the vertical space of the building so you can provide extra square footage without extending the building or relocating. But what are the benefits of mezzanine floor systems aside from providing additional floor space?

Benefits Of Using A Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanine floor systems are floors that are smaller than the overall footprint of the building. They're located between the main floor and the ceiling of the building and can range from 15 feet to over 200,000 square feet.

A mezzanine floor provides a simple solution for extra space. It keeps any serious construction from being necessary should a building need additional space and prevents a business from needing to relocate. As a result, these types of floors are considered incredibly cost-effective for the property owner and the business owner.

Not quite sold on installing a mezzanine floor? Here are a few other benefits mezzanine floors provide:

  • Increased storage space
  • Demountable for later potential relocation
  • Flexible design options
  • Available fire protection
  • Economical and lightweight structure
  • Efficient construction
  • Minimum disruption of the warehouse/business' work
  • Integration with the rest of the property's design

Mezzanine Floors Give You The Space Your Clients Need

Mezzanine floors enable commercial property owners to use their extra space for a variety of reasons. Should your clients need space for additional storage, the mezzanine can serve as a storage space while work continues to take place on the main floor.

Mezzanine floors can also be used for additional office space. These floors work just like any other floor where heating can be installed as well as electrical outlets.

Once the mezzanine is constructed, the property owner can decorate the area to create a professional office environment indistinguishable from other offices.

Mezzanine floors provide a number of benefits to property owners and business owners who need additional floor space but want to avoid relocation or extensive construction. For more information on mezzanine floors, metal decking, and module flooring, contact ResinDek today.

Posted on April 30, 2018