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The Perfect Mezzanine Flooring for AMRs

Efficiency is everything.

It helps companies be productive, keeps workers happy, and helps generate the highest return on investment. One of the most popular ways today businesses are getting their manufacturing processes, distribution centers and warehouses to operate more efficiently is through the use of robots. For the purpose of this article In this we are going to discuss a particular type of robot - autonomous mobile robots, or AMRs.

About Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) move with swiftness throughout manufacturing plants, warehouse facilities, and distribution centers. AMRs come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and with various functionality where they are pre-programmed to perform various - yet highly specific - workplace duties. They operate with very little human involvement, making operations run smoothly and safely.

AMRs operate using navigation mapping software. The navigation is based on the facility's unique dimensions and pathways. Once the paths are preloaded, AMRs move about on their own. They avoid obstacles with the use of laser technology.

How AMRs Are Changing Manufacturing Facilities and Warehouses

It's been forecasted by ABI Research that revenues driven by robotics in manufacturing will grow from $166 million to $22 billion in less than 10 years - an astounding 13,000% increase. The real benefits of AMRs come from the ability to move faster, react more quickly, and repeat the same recurring tasks with ease. Therefore, workplaces are finding ways for robots and humans to coexist in a synergetic way. AMRs are set to perform technical, mundane, and repeatable work, freeing up employees to do other things.

What's more, equipped with artificial intelligence (AI), some can learn from their past behaviors and become smarter with each routine they perform. Through speed, safety, and efficiency, AMRs are having a significant impact on the supply chain and overall workplace productivity, ultimately helping companies reach greater levels of output and revenue - over time.

Industry 4.0 and AMRs

The term, "Industry 4.0," represents the modern, 4th industrial revolution - one that focuses on smart technology, artificial intelligence (AI), digital software, automation, and the Internet of Things (IoT). AMRs play a profound role in Industry 4.0, and more and more businesses are taking advantage of these mobile robots to improve their supply chains, especially at the manufacturing and distribution levels.

They are reliable and they never tire, operating day and night, if that's what makes sense for the business. Enabled through WiFi and equipped with sensors, cameras, and careful calibration, technology (and people) put robots on flooring paths throughout the workspace to perform their duties consistently, repeatedly, and error-free.

AMRs Can Also Be Used on Elevated Platforms such as Pick Modules and Mezzanines in Distribution Centers

AMRs can be deployed immediately in existing warehouses and distribution centers. But operations manager should consider the type of mezzanine flooring that the robots will be traveling on. The durability and condition of the flooring can have an impact on efficiency levels and costs. Mezzanine flooring that is worn out or has uneven surfaces can severely impact the speed and fluidness of the robots' motion and pathway. Repairs can cause downtime, even among robotic employees. Facilities that has mezzanine flooring that is in bad shape, such and cracked or spalling concrete, polydeck that has delaminated or plywood that is splintering should replace it.

ResinDek® mezzanine flooring panels are the perfect solution for damaged elevated flooring. ResinDek panels ensure a perfectly smooth, level flooring surface that does not impair a robot's navigation or slow its movement. ResinDek panels have the proven structural integrity to support live and dead rolling loads ranging from 2,000 to 8,000 lbs.

Why ResinDek with TriGard Mezzanine Flooring Is Perfect for AMRs

The finish of the floor is also an important consideration. Gloss, texture and wear can all effect the ability of the robot to run at optimal levels. ResinDek with the TriGard finish has been extensively tested with robotics for coefficient of friction, wear resistance and light reflectivity in accordance with ANSI D1371 (dynamic coefficient of friction), ASTM D4060 (abrasion resistance), and ASTM D523 (specular gloss). Simply put, ResinDek with the TriGard finish was purposefully engineered for robotic traffic. ResinDek with TriGard flooring panels can endure the consistent repeated travel patterns associated with AMRs and is backed by a10-year product warranty.

As more and more businesses deploy AMRs throughout their facilities and warehouses, it's essential to keep in mind the most appropriate flooring for AMRs to help keep production operating at its highest levels, while also reducing the frequency of flooring repair or replacement. Mezzanine flooring from Cornerstone Speciality Wood Products are ideal for workspaces currently utilizing, or soon utilizing, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).

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Posted on April 12, 2020