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In 2002, Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation Replaced PolyDeck Flooring with ResinDek®.

Damaged polyDeck flooring

PolyDeck floor peeling

ResinDek MD installed to replace damaged PolyDeck

Within 3 years of installing 140,000 square feet of polydeck pick module flooring panels in 1985, the Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation started having problems with their polydeck flooring panels in their highest traffic areas with cart weights of only 800 lbs. These problems consisted of the separating of the flooring panels and peeling up of the flooring from cracks in the top layers.

In September 2002, Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC® the manufacturer of ResinDek flooring panels was contacted to replace these problem areas for Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation. ResinDek floor panels replaced the damaged polydeck pick module flooring panels efficiently and effectively for a more durable solution.

Customer's Description of a Flooring Problem at its North Carolina Distribution Center

"Our distribution center is approximately 1.2 million square feet in the original building, and we have a three-tiered, three deck storage rack system. The ground floor is concrete, and the next two floors have a poly-deck type of surface over corrugated metal roof decking. We have a combination of foot traffic, light cart traffic, and light pallet jack traffic. The total load on each cart is no more than 500 lbs. We have never exceeded 1,200 lbs. on a cart or pallet jack."

"Our poly-deck surface had generated a lot of safety concerns. Employees were expressing concerns that areas of the poly-deck flooring panels had started lifting up and were concerned about tripping. We struggled with these concerns and had been fighting with this problem for years. In the main aisles we had covered the poly-deck with steel plates to be able to move products and to prevent safety hazards. This patchwork increased as the poly-deck panels continued to cut and split in several of our heavy traffic areas. As the panel comes apart, it flexes up and down with traffic resulting in splits that look like a series of alligator skin cracks. The cracks were about 12" long and 1-2" apart."

"We were looking for a mezzanine panel that was more maintenance free. We really wanted to get away from the type of flooring that we had. The solution for us was a panel of solid composite wood construction that would not separate or need heavy maintenance like our existing poly-deck floor. We installed Cornerstone's ResinDek® MD because it's more durable and we won't have any of the problems we were previously challenged with. Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC® understands distribution warehouse demands and has solved our problems."

"With ResinDek MD, we can withstand 2,700 lbs. on a pallet jack and I think ResinDek is going to be a lot more durable and stronger than poly-deck was. Our ResinDek installation has been well supervised and all safety hazards have been removed. I am very impressed and appreciative of the knowledge and attention to detail that Cornerstone has brought to this project."

"I would highly recommend Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC® to anyone with similar needs."

The Manager of Maintenance and Facilities

By December 2002, Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC® had replaced 20,000 square feet of polydeck with their ResinDek® MD flooring panels.

In September of 2003, Polo contacted Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC® to install more ResinDek since it was performing extremely well. ResinDek MD was then installed in their new 120,000 square foot pick module.

In 2005, Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation Replaces PolyDeck Flooring with ResinDek AGAIN

By August 2005, the balance of the original polydeck flooring was causing additional problems for Polo. Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC® was brought back in to replace the rest of the original 120,000 square feet of polydeck with ResinDek.

"ResinDek has withstood the heavy traffic and the test of time. We now have 260,000 square feet of ResinDek MD in place and are very pleased to have a floor panel that lasts and supports our workloads."

Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation Chief Industrial Engineer.

Replacing polydeck with ResinDek flooring panels has proved to better withstand the high demands of the Polo Ralph Lauren distribution center. Find out more about ResinDek floor panel solutions by viewing our products. To have ResinDek panels replace your warehouse flooring, fill out our request a quote form or contact us at 888.755.3048.

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