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ResinDek® Flooring Saves Time, Money and Provides a Level Platform


Level Platform

A project located in Manchester, U.K. had a three level mezzanine with 220,000 per sqft level. The flooring system that was selected was 3/4" ResinDek HD with the TriGard® finish and corrugated steel decking. During the final walk through, the Main Contractor made the following comments:

"The ResinDek flooring system offered a substantial savings over elevated concrete platforms, which was the only real alternative for this project. The levelness of this floor (plus or minus 1/8" across a 220,000 sqft continuous surface) is just not something that we can normally produce with concrete."

"The speed of installation was impressive. ResinDek goes down quickly, and the floor, once installed allows for instant structural access for subsequent trades. Concrete, on the other hand, requires 10 days of curing time per bay, along with additional screeding and levelling work. My guess is that we saved a solid 5 weeks of construction time by using ResinDek instead of concrete."

"We are sold on the superiority of the ResinDek Flooring System compared to a traditional concrete floor!"

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